Elements of Effective Communication

In this class I was tasked with doing a career research interview in which I would interview someone within my chosen field of study and ask them questions that I feel will benefit me most as an up-and-coming Visual Arts: Animation student.

Interview Memo

This memo is the key part of the project as it explains why I conducted this interview, why I chose who I chose to interview, and what I took away from this interview.

Interview Schedule

This is the schedule for which my interview was based. Unfortunately nothing ever goes as planned so the schedule was nearly useless once actual questions were being asked (and subsequently answered).

Interview Thank You Letter

The cherry on top, the thank you letter was used to express my thanks to John Gee of Geegrafix for spending his limited time for the interview of this project. If John ever comes across this page, I would like to again thank him for his time and useful answers he had for my questions..